Federal Aviation Administration Check-ups

As a Senior AME, Dr Hackenyos can perform all Classes (1, 2 and 3) of Flight Physicals.

When Visiting Us, Please Bring the Following:

  • Visit medxpress.faa.gov and complete the online 8500 form.
    Bring your confirmation number to your appointment
  • A valid photo license
  • Please remember to bring your previous Medical Certificate, and any other appropriate documentation, if available
  • If the FAA has requested further documentation, or has sent the airmen a letter with further instruction, please bring this to your examination
  • If an EKG is required, please inform the scheduler at the time of making your appointment

An additional fee may be charged if additional documentation, letter drafting, or examinations are requested or required by the FAA.

For more information, please check the web at www.faa.gov.

Please call Dr. Hackenyos’ office for pricing of exams: 480-895-5870.